CG -RULES / dom / uac guide

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CG -RULES / dom / uac guide

Post  D4rk on Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:31 pm

All players must be running Universal Anti Cheat 2, for their matches, you can obtain UAC2 from here

In the event you are unable to log in to UAC2 - please ensure you confirm this with an admin before progressing the match from lobby.

NOTE: All UAC2 screenshots are to be uploaded in a reasonable period following completion of your match. Please ensure this is no later than 48 hours following match completion, or in the event of any issues with this upload feature, please advise an admin

CyberGamer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 DOMINATION Ladder Competition INFORMATION and RULES

Match Format / Server Settings
* All matches are played in a 6v6 format.
* Challenging side always starts as Rangers or TF 141
* Defending team will initially setup to host the match
* Server settings - everything default with the following modifications (View Image here):
Friendly Fire: Enabled
Perks: Disabled
Killstreaks: Disabled
Killcam: Disabled
Spectating: Team Only
Score Limit: 500 Points
Respawn Delay: 7.5 Seconds
* The following weapons / attachments / perks are not to be EQUIPPED or USED in matches:
Grenade launcher
Rocket Launchers (e.g. Javelin)
Riot Shields
Auto Shotguns (AA12, Striker, M1014)

All Akimbo (dual) weapons
Heartbeat sensor
Thermal scopes

Stun grenades
Tactical Insertions
Blast Shield

Final Stand
(NOTE: This makes copycat the only useable death perk for the ladder.)

Process for a ladder match
* Prior to the time that the match is due to commence, a member from EITHER team must post their steam id in the match discussion in the relevant Cybergamer match page.
* Prior to starting the game, all players must ensure they have UAC2 running correctly and linked to their CG profile.
* At the nominated match time, members from each team are to contact each other, with the defending team (or other party) to have a private server setup with the correct setting as above. All players are then to join the game server. The defending team should just need to invite one of the captains from the opposing teams, they can then invite all of their team in
* Either team may then request that a "ping test" be conducted. The game will then be started to give each team an opportunity to assess their connection to the host. Both teams should ensure that the other is aware that the game is a ping test and is not live. After the non-hosting team has had an opportunity to assess the ping (max 2 minutes), the host is to end the game and all players are to rejoin the game lobby.
* Once all players are in the game lobby, and both teams have agreed that they are ready to commence, the game will then be declared LIVE and the host will start the game.
* Once the match is complete - both teams are to submit the scores in the Cybergamer match page.

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Re: CG -RULES / dom / uac guide

Post  D4rk on Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:00 pm

CyberGamer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Competition RULES

Joining the game lobby / time limits / players

* A player is an ELIGIBLE PLAYER to play in a a teams ladder match if they satisfy ALL of the following:
- the players cybergamer account is listed on the teams Cybergamer roster (contained in you Cybergamer team page);
- the players cybergamer account is not listed as "Not Eligible" (To be eligible to play in the match, each player needs to have been added to your team roster BEFORE the match has been accepted. Players added after the match has been accepted will appear as "Not eligible" on your team page);
- the player has not played in another CyberGamer match for another team in the current week (a week starts on a Sunday). So you can only play for one team between any Sunday->Saturday. Meaning if you play for one team on Sunday, and another on Thursday, you are breaking the rules;
- in the case that the match is to be played on a "Stimulus Package" map, the player must have purchased, installed and be able to play on the stimulus package content.
- the players UAC2 account is correctly linked to their CyberGamer profile, and the player has UAC2 running correctly; and
- the players current in game alias matches (or is reasonable similar to) their CyberGamer account name (alongside their clan / team name or symbol).
* Note: Smurfing in a match (playing for a team that you arent in the roster for) will result in you being banned for 1 week and the match result will be overturned. This includes creating multiple alias accounts. On the second offence you will be banned for 2 weeks. 3rd etc offences will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If a player is going to be playing from a different physical location (Different IP Address), this player will need to have strict permission from a Ladder Administrator to do so. Otherwise the team will receive an instant automatic forfeit from their match and the player(s) will be banned for smurfing.

* Both teams have FIFTEEN minutes from the match start time to have a minimum of FIVE ELIGIBLE players in the game lobby and be ready for the game to go LIVE otherwise the team without the required number of ELIGIBLE players will forfeit the match..
* Before claiming a forfeit victory (based on the other team failing to have sufficient members in the game lobby) you must be able to prove that your team had sufficient eligible players after the 15 minute has expired and show that you have taken all reasonable steps to contact the other team and to get the game underway. Suggested steps to prevent a dispute include:
- ensuring that you have posted correct steam details in the match chat on CyberGamer so that the other team may contact you (timestamped);
- ensuring that you have added the other teams steam details, and have attempted to contact the person;
- warning the other team in the CyberGamer chat that you are waiting to start the match and have been unable to contact them;
- having sufficient ELIGIBLE members in a game lobby and screenshotting (including the current time - ie through steam);
- contacting an administrator or referee to make them aware of your issue and to verify your claim.
* The teams may, by mutual agreement, start the match with less than the required number of eligible players. If both teams agree in this regards - the match result will stand - a steam chat showing agreement will only be allowed as evidence in this instance. If you agree to the match going ahead in a Steam Chat and you start the match, the result will stand, you cannot try to forfeit a team afterwards
* In regards to player names matching (or closely resembling)their cg usernames - disputes CAN be made on this grounds, and a forfeit can result.

- Please note the requirements relating to UA2 in the "Eligible players" section above. All players MUST have UAC2 correctly linked to their CG profile and running throughout ALL matches. A failure to do so may result in you forfeiting games and/ or other action at the discretion of the admins.

- For the FIRST 2 WEEKS ONLY - we will allow players to be running either UAC2 OR XRAY (to allow for teams to get themselves organised).

Hosting Issues
* Defending teams receive priority on deciding who is to host the match - and therefore get to CHOOSE who (can be a member of the attacking side by agreement or the match referee) is going to host the match. The ONLY exceptions to this are:
- Finals matches - where the ladder administrators will choose who is going to host the match to ensure that the match is as fair to both sides as possible; or
- Where a ladder administrator intervenes and decides that another person is going to host the match (can be a member of either team, a referee, or an administrator).
* For the above reasons - if you believe, following a ping test, that a better host for both teams can be achieved by someone else hosting the match (and you cannot reach an agreement with the other team) - you should immediately contact a ladder administrator.
* The ONLY circumstance in which a dispute on the basis of ping will be considered, is where there is evidence to suggest that the team has unfairly and intentionally manipulated ping to their own teams advanatage (ie their team is on a LAN and limits upload halfway through the match).

Server Settings
* There is no way for the players that join the server to verify the match settings from the game lobby. However, once the match start it will soon become obvious whether the correct server settings are in place.
* If the server is running incorrect settigs - you may notify the opposing team within a reasonable time and request that the match be restarted. If the settings are incorrect and a team (within a reasonable time) requests that the match be restarted, the host MUST comply and restart the match.
* If the server setting are incorrect, and neither team requests (within a reasonable time) that the match be restarted, both teams are deemed to have agreed with the settings and the match will be completed with those settings in place.
* Teams cannot dispute a match result on the grounds that the server settings were incorrect unless the team requested (within a reasonable time) that the hosting team restart the match with the correct settings and the hosting team refused.

In Game Rules
* Teams are allowed to substitute players through the match, provided they quickly join their team. If a team drops to 4 or less players during the match, they have a maximum of 5 minutes to get a minimum of 5 players back in or they will forfeit the match (unless agreed otherwise between the teams).
* Do not talk excessively in global chat in-game, especially when you are asked by the other team. Being abusive will lead to a forfeit of the match at the ladder administrator's discretion.
* Glitching and scripting are considered illegal and unfair and will result in the team forfeiting the match. Glitching by definition: where a player is in a position that allows him to see his opponent however his opponent cannot see him.
* Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be dealt with at the discretion of a ladder administrator.
* Permitted spectators are shoutcasters whom hold the right to hold a shoutcast broadcast in whichever match they wish.

Submitting Scores
* Both teams must must submit the match score and/or select to dispute the match by 11:30PM AEST on the night of the match on the CyberGamer match page.
* Both teams must take a screenshot of the final scores of their match, so in the event of a discrepancy in the entered scores. It can be settled with screenshot evidence.
* For instances where you belive that the other team should forfeit the match for not having sufficient ELIBLE members within the 15 minutes allowed, you should enter the score as 1 - 0 in your teams favour.

* A dispute will arise in any case where the scores entered by the respective teams do not match - or either team selects that they wish to dispute the match.
* Once a dispute arises the team making the dispute must post the reasons for their dispute - along with any evidence, in the match dispute chat (that will appear as part of the match page on CyberGamer. The non disputing team can also respond to the dispute allegations and provide their own evidence.
* All disputes MUST be accompanied by evidence - making false/useless disputes will be dealt with at the discretion of a ladder administrator and may result in action being taken against individual players or your team. An inability to provide evidence will deem your dispute as void, and the match result will stand
* If both teams have agreed to something that is different to the ladder rules - a dispute cannot be made if a team acted in accordance with the agreement.
* All disputes will be received and dealt with by the ladder administrators - a ladder administrators ruling on a dispute will be final.

General Ladder Information / Rules
* A team can only challenge an opponent half their own rank or four places higher than themselves, whichever is greater. For example: a team ranked 38th can challenge up to a team that is ranked 19th.
- In submitting a challenge, the challenging team may only include ONE of the Stimulus Package maps in the 4 maps submitted to the defending side. If the challenging team submits more than one of the stimulus package maps, the defending team may (at their discretion) contact the ladder administrators to request that the challenge be cancelled, or may accept the challenge.
- Once the defending team accepts the challenge NO disputes will be accepted from either the challenging or defending side regarding the inclusion of stimulus maps in the challenge or the ability of players to play a stimulus package maps
* Upon receiving a notice of challenge, the team has TWO days to accept a time and date provided by the challenger for the match, otherwise it is deemed that the defendant has forfeited.
* If a team successfully defends their position, the ladder automatically grants a *protected* status for FORTY-EIGHT hours, awarding immunity from challenges.
* Challenging and winning will leave you with a normal status of "free".
* If you lose a "Challenging" match you will become "vulnerable" for FORTY-EIGHT hours where you will be unable to challenge.
* If you lose a "Defending" match you will become "vulnerable" for TWELVE hours where you will be unable to challenge.
* If you do not accept a challenge or you decline the challenge you will become "vulnerable" for FORTY-EIGHT hours where you will be unable to challenge.
* Following a match, it is crucial that each team must submit the result or select to dispute the match by 11:30PM AEST on the night of the match. Subsequently, the submitted results will be calculated and the teams will be granted either *challengeable* or *protected* statuses. Disputes can be handled among the two teams; otherwise a ladder administrator takes appropriate action.
* A team may not play the same team in two successive matches* - 7 days after the first match the ladder will allow you to challenge them again.
*If you feel you require a referee for your match, please request this from the match page. Macth referees may decide to attend matches at their own discretion. Match referess are intended to assist with any higher level match as necessary - act as a potential host, and also ensure teams are playing fairly. They are giving their spare time to assist you so please be fair. Referess are also not to be used in place of the dispute system. If you have an issue in game, feel free to mention it to the match referee, who may make a ruling, but you will need to take it to dispute following completion of the match in most instances.
* Inappropriate Team Names or Player Names, or Team or Player graphical avatars will see your team removed from the ladder, a warning will usually be issued first.

INSTALLING UAC 2,-Configure-Use-UAC2/



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